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Manual Plastic Filters Economy Line

A range of hydraulic disc and screen filters for medium-flow applications

Manual Plastic Filters Economy Line

A range of hydraulic disc and screen filters for medium-flow applications.

AGL Series

The new AGL Series of manual filters are manufactured with a hydraulic design that minimizes head loss to save energy and optimize performance. Made from thermoplastic, AGL products are resistant to most of the chemicals used in agriculture.
AGL delivers maximum safety and quality in filtration requires minimum maintenance and is highly efficient, even under demanding operating conditions.

AGL Series

Available filtration grades: 
  • Discs: 100, 130, 200 & 400 micron
  • Screen: 100, 130, 200 & 400 micron

The AGL Series Advantages:

The Technology

Discs Filter: During the filtration process, water passes through the grooves on the surface of the discs, leaving the particles in and between the grooves.

Its simple and safe structure dramatically reduces maintenance requirements. No tools are required for filter maintenance.

The optimized locking system of the thread makes the filter highly resistant to sharp changes in pressure and temperature and prevents deformations in the filter body.

Screen Filter: With a screen filter, water flows out from the inside of the filtration element, leaving the particles on the interior surface of the screen.

100 Series

The 100 Series Series is a range of lower flow disc and screen filters manufactured in high-quality thermoplastic for high resistance and maximum durability. These quality and reliable filters ensure simple maintenance for a wide variety of filtration applications. Suitable for maximum flow of 253/h.

100 Series

Available filtration grades:
  • Discs: 130 micron
  • Screen: 100, 130, 200 & 530 micron

The 100 Series Advantages:

The Technology

  1. Manometric intakes
  2. BSP / NPT connection
  3. Closure system
  4. Modular filter (interchangeable elements in different grades)
  5. Filtering surface
  6. Auxiliary connection

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