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The Automatic Alternative for Membrane Protection

Filtersafe’s unique market offer addresses UF/MMF protection as well as an alternative for disposable type RO guard filters, utilizing its patented everclear technology. Filtersafe’s know-how and vast track record in seawater filtration guarantees reliable and efficient process management. 
Filtersafe’s automatic self-cleaning filters offer a cost-effective, low-OPEX RO membrane protection. We  effectively remove suspended solids down to 10 micron.  

Why Filtersafe?

High Recovery ratio

Less than 0.25% Reject

Filtration Quality

Comparable SDI Reduction

Reliable Operation

100% Automatic Cleaning Using Patented Technology

OPEX Savings

Up to 92% Savings (Energy, Consumables, Labor)

Environmental Footprint

Zero Solid Waste

Features and Benefits

UF Protection

From 100 – 200 microns

RO Protection

From 10 microns

High Flow Capacity

Up to 5,000 m3/h in a single filter

Specialized Housing Materials

Super Duplex / FRP Filter Housing

Corrosive resistant screen & components:

Stainless Steel, SMO 254, Super-Duplex and Titanium

No cartridges required

No stock, handling, replacing or disposing. The perfect automatic alternative.

Zero Downtime

100% cleaning efficiency

Low Footprint

Environmental and space saving

Custom Design

Customized systems and fabrication are our standard

UF & RO Application

The Technology

With over three decades experience in automatic filtration of water, Filtersafe filters are equipped not only with the technology but also the know-how to integrate successfully into water industrial applications. Our filters tailored designs and simple modularity enable us to supply from 10 microns upwards, with flow rates from 50-5,000 m³/hr in single unit and limitless capacity in modular configurations. Filtersafe® brings unrivaled value, effectiveness and durability to even the most demanding filtration solutions.

Unique, patented and leading edge technologies

  • smartweave
  • nozzlex
Our smartweave™ screen technology ensures minimal sediment intake to the disinfection process and ballast tanks.

Filtersafe’s® smartweave™ multi-layered sintered course of the last decade.
screen is a unique and exclusive weave-wire mesh specifically designed for ballast water that enables our BS-Series filters unparalleled zooplankton, phytoplankton and sediment removal rates.
Multi layered sintered structure smartweave™ is comprised of four stainless steel weave-wire screen layers. The unique composition of weaves are then sintered together to create a strong, durable, reinforced filtering element requiring no additional support.

Self cleaning cycle for maximum filter efficiency, improved flow rate and shorter filtering process.

Nozzlex® scans the entire smartweave™ screen removing all matter, disposing of the reject water through the flushing chamber.

EVERCLEAR® produces unparalleled removal rates of organic matter and TSS – an imperative in combating marine bio-invasions.

At the heart of every Filtersafe® filter lies an advanced automated filter cleaning sequence in EVERCLEAR. Its success largely revolves around a set of uniquely crafted and patented technologies:
• smartweave™ high performance filtration screens
• nozzlex™ proximity nozzles
The exclusive combination of these technologies enables EVERCLEAR™ to deliver unparalleled filtration
performance under even the most strenuous water conditions.

Our Products

6840 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
10-100 micron
100% Screen Cleaning
1,8 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

1,000 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
10-100 micron
100% Screen Cleaning
1.6 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

1000 m³/hr Max. Flow Rate
10-100 micron
100% Screen Cleaning
1.6 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

Brochure downloads

E Series Family Brochure

View the entire E Series Family offering in this Brochure.

Single Series Family Brochure

View the entire Single Series Family offering in this Brochure.

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