The Automatic Alternative for Membrane Protection

Filtersafe’s unique market offer addresses UF/MMF protection as well as an alternative for disposable type RO guard filters, utilizing its patented everclear technology. Filtersafe’s know-how and vast track record in seawater filtration guarantees reliable and efficient process management. 
Filtersafe’s automatic self-cleaning filters offer a cost-effective, low-OPEX RO membrane protection. We  effectively remove suspended solids down to 10 micron.  

Why Filtersafe?

High Recovery ratio

Less than 0.25% Reject

Filtration Quality

Comparable SDI Reduction

Reliable Operation

100% Automatic Cleaning Using Patented Technology

OPEX Savings

Up to 92% Savings (Energy, Consumables, Labor)

Environmental Footprint

Zero Solid Waste

Features and Benefits

UF Protection

From 100 – 200 microns

RO Protection

From 10 microns

High Flow Capacity

Up to 5,000 m3/h in a single filter

Specialized Housing Materials

Super Duplex / FRP Filter Housing

Corrosive resistant screen & components:

Stainless Steel, SMO 254, Super-Duplex and Titanium

No cartridges required

No stock, handling, replacing or disposing. The perfect automatic alternative.

Zero Downtime

100% cleaning efficiency

Low Footprint

Environmental and space saving

Custom Design

Customized systems and fabrication are our standard

UF & RO Application


"ERMA FIRST S.A has chosen Filtersafe due to their technology, their personnel deep knowledge in filtration along with their good service support. The success of our cooperation is confirmed by a long reference list which counts more than 200 installed filters in vessels with operators including international shipping companies with Crude Oil Tankers, Bulk carriers, Container vessels, and ROROs. We look forward to continued successful cooperation with Filtersafe."
Konstantinos Stampedakis
ERMA First Managing Director
"Ecochlor has been working with Filtersafe for more than a decade. Through that time, we have established a strong partnership as both companies have adapted to the growing market. Filtersafe provides the quality products and excellent customer service that we rely on to deliver our systems."
Justin Knight
Director of Operations, Ecochlor
"Bloom Agro chose Filtersafe for their unique filtration technologies, that quite simply, allows their filters to work reliably and effectively in situations where other filters have not been able to. We endorse Filtersafe filters for use in applications where reliability and durability are important."
Erez Shalev
Bloom Agro CEO

The Technology

With over three decades experience in automatic filtration of water, Filtersafe filters are equipped not only with the technology but also the know-how to integrate successfully into water industrial applications. Our filters tailored designs and simple modularity enable us to supply from 10 microns upwards, with flow rates from 50-5,000 m³/hr in single unit and limitless capacity in modular configurations. Filtersafe® brings unrivaled value, effectiveness and durability to even the most demanding filtration solutions.

Unique, patented and leading edge technologies

Our Products

6840 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
10-100 micron
100% Screen Cleaning
1,8 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

1,000 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
10-100 micron
100% Screen Cleaning
1.6 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

1000 m³/hr Max. Flow Rate
10-100 micron
100% Screen Cleaning
1.6 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

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E Series Family Brochure

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Single Series Family Brochure

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