Filtersafe are experts in engineering filtration solutions for challenging water applications in Agriculture. Our product offering to the market includes a range of self-cleaning, high-flow, automatic screen filters. We have years of experience in agricultural and industrial applications including farm filters for mega farming and smaller farms, high flow irrigation systems, greenhouses, pivot, drip, mini-sprinklers & fogger spray nozzle protection.

Wide selection of screens

From 10 to 6,000 micron.


From 2” to 36”

Large screen area

From 2,500 – 180,000 cm² in a single filter

Plug & Play

Easy installation and simple maintenance

Low pressure applications

with extremely low flushing rates.

Automatic flushing

According to pressure differential & time back-up

What Our Clients Say About Us

"ERMA FIRST S.A has chosen Filtersafe due to their technology, their personnel deep knowledge in filtration along with their good service support. The success of our cooperation is confirmed by a long reference list which counts more than 200 installed filters in vessels with operators including international shipping companies with Crude Oil Tankers, Bulk carriers, Container vessels, and ROROs. We look forward to continued successful cooperation with Filtersafe."
Konstantinos Stampedakis
ERMA First Managing Director
"Ecochlor has been working with Filtersafe for more than a decade. Through that time, we have established a strong partnership as both companies have adapted to the growing market. Filtersafe provides the quality products and excellent customer service that we rely on to deliver our systems."
Justin Knight
Director of Operations, Ecochlor
"Bloom Agro chose Filtersafe for their unique filtration technologies, that quite simply, allows their filters to work reliably and effectively in situations where other filters have not been able to. We endorse Filtersafe filters for use in applications where reliability and durability are important."
Erez Shalev
Bloom Agro CEO
Kibbutz Yehiam Farm Logo_eng
"Filtersafe dramatically reduced our problems. Our previous filtration system couldn’t cope with our source water. We work with treated wastewater that was stored in a reservoir and has a lot of red worms and their eggs in it, which creates a goo that mucked up the filtration system and prevented the filters from working properly. The filters would have to be stopped and manually cleaned at least 5-6 times a season. In the 2 years since the Filtersafe filter replaced the previous filtration system, we haven’t had to open it to clean it even once. The Filtersafe filter saves us a tremendous amount of man-hours. Even downstream, where we have more filtration systems, of the previous kind, we previously had to stop and clean them 3 times a week. Now we only have to clean them once a month."
Orr Cohen
Water Manager, Kibbutz Yehi'am Farm
"Filtersafe auto strainers have been installed in the Sharqiyah Desalination Plant in Oman for UF protection since 2019. The reason for choosing Filtersafe product is due to its compactness and horizontal configuration which is much easier to maintain and service. The product is also equipped with its patented technology which has proven reliable and performs efficiently to the expectation and demands of the plant."
Shariqyah Plant Manager
Water EPC Process Engineering Team
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
"APT Water is very proud to be partnered with Filtersafe Automatic Screen Filtration to work on projects such as the one at Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Throughout the last year, the water quality varied significantly in the tidal creek that also experienced cyclone conditions resulting in very high total suspended solids. Evidence that the Filtersafe Everclear cleaning system is a market-leading design."
Andrew Dean
Director, APT
"After working with Filtersafe since 2018, we can say that we are quite satisfied with the filter quality and performance thanks to good support on our ECS-Hychlor system."

The Technology

With over three decades experience in automatic filtration of water, Filtersafe filters are equipped not only with the technology but also the know-how to integrate successfully into water industrial applications. Our filters tailored designs and simple modularity enable us to supply from 10 microns upwards, with flow rates from 50-5,000 m³/hr in single unit and limitless capacity in modular configurations. Filtersafe® brings unrivaled value, effectiveness and durability to even the most demanding filtration solutions.

Unique, patented and cutting-edge technologies

Our Products

600 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
80-500 μm Filtration Degree
10 bar Operating Pressure
2 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Up to 12,000 cm2 Filter Area

600 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
80 – 500 μm Filtration Degree
10 bar Max. Operating Pressure
1.6 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Up to 12,000 cm2 Filter Area

2,800 m³/hr Max. Flow Rate
10 – 500 μm Filtration Degree
10 & 16 bar Max. Operating Pressure
2 bar Min. Operating Pressure
Up to 40,000 cm2 Filter Area

Case Studies

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