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Automatic Brush Filters

AB Series

AB Series Filters

200-7,100 m³/hr
  • Screens ranging from 200-6,000 micron
  • 200-7,100 m3/h Maximum, Flow Rate
  • 1 bar (14.7 psi) Minimum Operating Pressure
  • Up to 49,000 cm2 screen in a single strainer
  • Available skid mounted
Typical Installations:
  • Sea Water Applications
  • Heavy Industrial Applications
  • Cooling Water
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture

Our Technology

The Filtersafe Automatic Brush filters are available with wedge-wire or perforated screens.

Both options use a highly durable & heavy-duty industrial applications.

Water Flow:

  1. The wedge-wire or perforated screen traps solids and dirt.
  2. As sediments and particles are trapped, pressure differential between the inlet and outlet initiates the cleaning process.
  3. The brush assembly rotates and removes all unwanted particles to the flushing valve.
  4. The filter returns to its original state.