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About Us

From improving component technology to the provision of dedicated pre- and post- sales service, Filtersafe® provides a viable, functionally superior and cost effective alternative to the market.
Filtersafe® is a multinational company specializing in the evolution of intelligent mechanical filtration systems. With over 50 years cumulative experience in the automatic filtration industry, and over 13 years’ experience specifically in ballast water treatment, filtersafe® brings unrivalled economy, value and environmental responsibility to automatic filtration.

Quality Assurance

Our Certified Filters

Filtersafe® BS E Series filters have attained independent class certification from leading maritime classification societies around the world including Germanischer Lloyds, Lloyds Register & DNV.
Our products are manufactured according to international performance and quality standards (ISO 9001:2015, DNV 2009) giving you the confidence to rely on every filter we supply.

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