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E Series

Automatic Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter

Filtersafe Trident E TRE0048

E Series

Automatic Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter

TRIDENT E Series Filters

The Filtersafe TRIDENT E Automatic Screen filters are durable and reliable with a large preliminary screen that is ideal for situations with challenging water and low-pressure requirements, such as Greenhouses, Drip Irrigation, or other Industrial and Municipal needs with high loads of TSS. The TRIDENT E provides an uninterrupted supply of clean filtered water even during the flushing cycle.

The TRIDENT E Series Benefits:

The TRIDENT E Series Features

180-600 m³/hr
  • Up to 600 m³/h Max. Flow Rate
  • 80 – 500 μm Filtration Degree
  • 10 bar Max. Operating Pressure
  • Low flush flow
  • 1.6 bar (23 psi) Min. Operating Pressure
  • Up to 12,000 cm2 filter area
  • AD 2000 Design code
  • Temp 65°C

Unique, patented and cutting-edge technologies

How our Filter Cleans While In Operation:

  1. The cleaning is initiated by either differential pressure (DP) build-up across the smartweave fine screen when it’s dirty, by a timer, or by manual flush which is controlled by an external PLC controller.
  2. The cleaning cycle starts by opening the flush valve, allowing water from the clean side of the screen to reverse back through the screen surface at high velocity, dislodging entrapped particles off the screen to the nozzlex cleaning nozzles and expelled from the filter.
  3. The cleaning mechanism is rotated by a drive motor and moved laterally with the cleaning nozzles to completely clean the screen. The filter remains online during the cleaning process allowing for a continuous flow of clean filtered water downstream without any interruption.

* All settings determined by controller. Cleaning cycle initiation possible via preselected DP level, specific time, or combination of both. Length of flush is customizable.

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