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Manta Filter MAN0110

Engineered Ballast Water Filtration dedicated to UV BWMS

The Filtersafe MANTA Automatic Screen filters utilize our unique, market-proven, and cutting edge patented technologies smartweave™ filter screens and nozzlex® proximity suction nozzles ensuring the high-performance demands of the market are met.

The MANTA Series Benefits:

The MANTA Series Features

90-500 m³/hr
  • Up to 500 m³/h Max. Flow Rate
  • 25, 40 & 50 μm Filtration Degree
  • Pressure Ratings: Marine Applications = 7 bar, Non-Marine Applications = 10 bar
  • 1.6 bar Min. Operating Pressure
  • In-Line & Vertical Configuration
  • Up to 16,200 cm2 filter area
  • Temp 50°C

Unique, patented and cutting-edge technologies

Safe & Speedy 1 Person Maintenance

  • Remove the drive unit (4 bolts), the seal housing (4 bolts) then the lid (20 Bolts).

  • Pull out the scanner, then the screen – easy and no complications.

  • To put back just reverse these actions – it’s as simple as that.

How our Filter Cleans While In Operation:

  1. The removable primary screen prevents large objects from entering the filter body.

  2. Organic matter and debris begin to build up on the screen interior.
    Once a differential pressure of 0.3 bars is reached the automatic cleaning sequence is initiated.

  3. The filter remains in operation with downstream flow remaining consistent during self-cleaning.

  4. Overlapping proximity nozzle heads cover the entire surface area of the screen’s interior, fully cleaning the screen in one rotation.

  5. The cleaning sequence finishes and the filter continues to filter as normal.

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