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Case Studies: Desalination & Water Treatment

With 15 years of successfully filtering saltwater for marine applications, Filtersafe’s CEO and Founder saw the next logical application for his filtration solutions: Desalination.

After years of extensive tests, scholarly reviews, and pilot projects, Filtersafe proudly launched its activity in the Desalination sector in 2019. Below you can see the numerous case studies and project spotlights of Filtersafe filters in Desalination installations around the world.

Filtersafe offers solutions for the two important filtration steps in the Desalination process: UF/MMF (Ultrafiltration/Multi-Media Filtration) Pretreatment and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Protection

Filtersafe’s solution for RO protection is especially noteworthy, as until now there hasn’t been a real alternative to cartridge filters for this critical step in the filtration process. Filtersafe’s solution delivers exceptional filtration quality, at least as good as what 5 micron filtration cartridges provide, while minimizing energy use, labor hours, and consumables. You can read more about the OPEX cost savings, some as high as 90%, Filtersafe provides to RO Desalination plants in their white paper here.

Desalination projects, from small installations meant to filter water for an off the grid farm’s use in Australia, to massive plants producing enough water for up to 1,000,000 people a day in the middle of the arid Middle East, all choose Filtersafe over the alternative options for a few common reasons:

  • Very low reject water
  • High energy savings
  • Lower CAPEX (for UF/MMF pretreatment)
  • Lower OPEX (for RO protection)

Explore a diverse range of case studies below, showcasing successful installations in a variety of desalination filtration applications. These case studies demonstrate the transformative results Filtersafe filters have brought to desalination plants worldwide, highlighting increased plant uptime, reduced operational costs, and reliable operation. The variety of projects below will provide valuable insights and practical examples of how Filtersafe filters have become an invaluable asset for desalination plants across the globe.

In addition to the case studies below, you can see the dollar value that Filtersafe’s alternative to cartridge filters for RO membrane protection brings desalination plants in our white paper: Automatic FIlters: Desalination’s Alternative for OPEX Savings.

This easy-to-read report summarizes years of research, tests, and trials, which have allowed us to come forward with the promise of reduced OPEX costs when switching from cartridge filters to our self-cleaning filters.

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