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Excelerate Exemplar Filter Installation: Video Case Study

Discover why Excelerate Energy chose the Filtersafe filter (as part of a De Nora BALPURE BWMS) for their challenging FSRU installation needs. Download the case study.

About the BWMS End User

Excelerate Energy owns and operates one of the largest fleets of Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRUs) in the industry and has over 15 years of development, construction, and operational experience. The company’s FSRUs are permanently moored to a docking facility at a location close to a market access point and tailored to fit specific environmental requirements.

For its latest charter, the FSRU Exemplar, Excelerate Energy needed a high-capacity ballast water management system (BWMS) capable of ballasting in the most challenging harbor conditions. To ensure efficient operations, the vessel needed a solution that could provide a flow rate of 5,000 m3/h and fit

into the limited space available in the engine room, to properly support the Exemplar’s 150,900 m3 storage capacity.

See our video case study:

Why they Chose Filtersafe

The BallastSafe Series features a modular design that allows for any possible configuration and is particularly helpful in retrofit installations. BallastSafe filters can be installed vertically or horizontally to provide the flexibility needed in tight spaces, and the vertical filter configuration operates in exactly the same manner as a horizontally positioned unit and to the same performance standard, whilst substantially reducing its area footprint. Filter orientation can be decided in as little as eight weeks before delivery.

Filtersafe’s automatic screen filters utilize unique, patented, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the high-performance demands of the market are met. They are a dependable filter choice, are approved by all major class societies, and are approved to work with most IMO and US Coast Guard leading BWMS systems.

To learn more about the Excelerate Exemplar installation and the full details of the Filtersafe filter, please download our case study below.

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