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Mayan WaterTech Becomes Filtersafe

MWT becomes Filtersafe

 Mayan WaterTech is officially becoming Filtersafe.

Filtersafe acquired Mayan WaterTech in 2020 as they were looking to expand their line of quality filtration solutions. Mayan WaterTech was established in 2009 in order to provide clients with personalized, creative, and smart service. The company was a huge success, growing to over 80 employees worldwide, before being purchased by Filtersafe.

Over the past few years, Mayan WaterTech’s staff worked hand in hand with Filtersafe to continue to offer custom products in the areas of water filtration, water transport, sewage, and desalination for agricultural, residential, municipal, and industrial applications.

Filtersafe Founder and CEO Etai Dagan explained the change, “Filtersafe acquired Mayan WaterTech in order to expand our selection of filtration solutions across the industries we serve. The decision to have Filtersafe sell Azud’s disc and plastic filters will allow us to provide our clients in the industrial, agricultural, and municipal industries with a greater selection of products more efficiently. This change will allow Filtersafe to continue to grow and our brand to become synonymous with a variety of high-quality, reliable filtration solutions for various needs and at various price points.”

Moving forward, Filtersafe will sell Mayan WaterTech’s lines of Azud Automatic Disc Filters and Manual Plastic Filters directly. Filtersafe is the exclusive distributor of Azud products within Israel and will be offering Azud’s Helix Automatic 200 and 300 Series, among other product offerings, to their customers in agriculture, industry, and municipalities across the globe.

In the 1990s, Azud revolutionized the filtration sector with its patented Helix anti-clogging device. The helix is the fundamental element of the system, the result of careful study of hydro-efficient design. Placed in the base of the cartridge where the water passes, the device’s “wings” generate a helical centrifugal effect inside to move a large amount of suspended particles away from the discs. This translates into increased water savings and reduced frequency and intensity of maintenance.

Filtersafe is proud to be able to continue to expand its offering of solutions across 5 sectors: Ballast & Marine, Desalination, Agriculture, Industry, and Energy. If you are interested in learning more about Filtersafe’s line of Azud products, please contact their Middle East Regional Office here.

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