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We have two things we’d like to say to you:

We value our partnership

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re launching something new

First and foremost, we want to take the time to let you know that we value De Nora’s partnership over the years. In our industry, our success is contingent upon your success and vice versa. That is why it’s so important that we work well together.

That’s why we want to let you know that we’ve been listening to your feedback about our filters. We will be showcasing how we acted upon your requests to build the best filter yet. We’re very excited about the changes you’ve inspired us to make and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

We have more details about these changes below.

Our Partnership
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Mark Riggio
Mark Riggio
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Advancing Filtration Standard
In The Ballast Water Industry:

We are proud to announce that Filtersafe removed 316L grade stainless steel from its filter screen supply chain and has switched to 904L grade stainless steel instead. The move is considered a substantial upgrade, as 904L is 82% more durable than 316L, the latter of which is widely used across the global maritime industry. The switch is occurring at both of our manufacturing facilities, Israel and Hong Kong, which produce filters for around 25% of the global BWTS market.

This announcement is part of our $10m market-feedback program designed to boost the quality, durability, and turnaround time of BWTS filters – all without impacting filter affordability.

Mark Riggio Filtersafe’s Head of Marine, said: “As the core material used to build filters, stainless steel should be viewed as a key factor in determining a filter’s long-term performance. By being the first manufacturer to transition away from 316L grade steel to 904L, we hope to elevate standards across the entire industry, and deliver a more efficient balance between filter durability and affordability.”

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