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With over three decades experience in automatic filtration of water, Filtersafe is equipped not only with the technology but also the know-how to integrate successfully into water industrial applications.

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Filtersafe, being the premier supplier of seawater filters for the Ballast Water Treatment market worldwide illustrates our products capabilities to deal with even the most adverse filtration conditions, typically, in the following markets;

  • Power & Energy Sector
  • Water Reclamation
  • Desalination
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • High-end Agriculture
  • Filtersafe® Applications:

Filtersafe® brings unrivalled value, effectiveness and durability to even the most demanding filtration solutions. Key applications of our filters for industry include:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Pre-treatment Filtration Protection
  • Intake Water
  • Process Water
  • Raw Water

Our filter’s tailored designs and simple modularity enable us to supply filters from 10 micron upwards, with flow rates from 50-5000m³/hr in a single unit and limitless capacity in a modular configuration.

Filtersafe has extensive experience in combating marine invasions including Zebra mussel and Quagga mussels. Our filters are durable and are proven in the plight against macro-fouling. Whether it be upstream protection of assets in the Energy sector or any other industrial application, Filtersafe filters will remove Quagga & Zebra mussels easily securing its return-on investment.


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