Filtersafe is the chosen provider of reliable pre-treatment of leading Ballast Water Treatment systems worldwide.


Our BS-Series product line was originally developed and refined specifically for the challenges found in pre-treatment applications of established and disciplined industries like that of Ballast Water Treatment. Our filters are specified in Ballast Water Treatment to consistently remove high volumes of organic matter and TSS.

Challenges of Ballast Water Treatment Filtration:

  • Diverse water conditions
  • High loads of organic matter
  • High loads of TSS
  • High flow rates
  • Footprint constraints

Our Experience

For over a decade the Filtersafe® has been specializing in ballast water filtration applications, bringing an unrivaled economy, value and environmental responsibility to seawater filtration.

Filtersafe has supplied more than 1,300 filters (commissioned) to the emerging Ballast Water Treatment market representing over 1,300,000 m³/hr.