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Mr. Nier Spielberg Returns to VP Marine & Sales at Filtersafe

Filtersafe is proud to announce that as of November 1, 2022, Nier Spielberg has returned to his position as VP Marine & Sales at Filtersafe. Nier had previously held this position for 3 years and stepped down at the end of 2020 in order to spend more time with his family. He continued to remain a part of the Filtersafe family, serving in an advisory role for the executive team over the past two years, which has allowed him to quickly resume his place amongst Filtersafe’s leadership.

“I’m happy to be back and to serve our clients in the best possible way,” says Nier, ”I’m looking forward to finding ways to empower and support our clients in this very competitive marketplace.

“I’ve always enjoyed working, especially with Etai [Dagan] and Filtersafe, so once I decided that I wanted to return to working in a fuller capacity, it made sense that I return to Filtersafe and my old role.”

Nier has extensive experience in the Marine and Ballast industries. He has been with Filtersafe since 2007, where he started as the Head of Marine Sales for Scandinavia and Northern Europe. After a few years, he worked in other capacities in the shipping industry before returning to Filtersafe in 2014 as VP of Business Development.

Etai Dagan, Filterafe CEO and Founder remarked, “Nier’s return is eagerly anticipated, not just by our team, but by our clients as well. Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable about the shipping industry and its needs as it pertains to ballast water treatment, he also has a unique ability to connect with people and build relationships. He was sorely missed when he stepped back from his role, and we’ve already heard from our clients how much they are looking to work with Nier again.”

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